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“Having been told as a child “you can’t sing” I came to see Sarah. I was so surprised - I can sing and continue to push the range of my voice. Irl and online the lessons have been amazing"


“Cannot recommend Sing for Smiles enough. Sarah's patience and expertise in our joyous lessons have taken me from a virtual complete beginner with absolutely no confidence in my voice to happily singing out some of my favourite tunes, no questions asked, using technique lightly learned along the way to really enjoy exploring a vocal range I never dreamed existed. Our lessons are a definite highlight of my week!”


"When my daughter was 5, I searched for a choir for children, unfortunately there weren’t any that would take one so young. Lucky for us, we found Sing for Smiles. My daughter has been singing with them for the past 5 years, she’s not only learned some challenging songs but has worked through appropriate work books, introducing her to reading music. Her lessons since lockdown have been via Skype and this flexibility has worked out really well for us. Sarah is always encouraging, patient and kind. The lessons are fun relaxed and varied. Sarah and Vikki were both very supportive of my daughter when she chose to perform on stage (twice) for the Sing for Smiles Showcase. I would certainly recommend this singing school."


"I love my lessons with Sarah, this small and friendly vocal school is very efficiently run.   I’ve been studying towards my Rock School vocal grades 1-3 (so far) over the last 2 years and Sarah had been unfailingly encouraging, patient and a font of specialist knowledge - she knows how to get the best out of me across both music theory, vocal exercises and my performance pieces. Highly recommended!"


Student Reviews

"My daughter has been attending singing lessons for about 2 months and has come a long way since she started. My daughter is disabled and cannot read or write and has a short attention span. Despite this she has learned to sing 3 songs from Disney movies, her attention is better and her confidence with her singing is getting better with every lesson. I have to thank Sarah for her patience and happy demeanour as my little girl feels very comfortable and is excited about every lesson.

Thank you"


"I have attended classes in Singjng in Harmony with this Vocal School for several years. The classes are very in-depth, covering every aspect of the art of singing, breathing, scales harmonising and everything related. Vikki and Sarah make these lessons particularly friendly and fun, their outgoing personalities being really well suited to teaching all age groups. They cover an eclectic range of songs, classical, rock, pop. You name it, Vikki and Sarah are able to deliver, both having excellent singing voices themselves. Every so often a concert is organised to showcase new talent in the School and to provide pupils with performing experience."


"Sarah always encourages me to build on what I can comfortably do already, without pushing me too far - and I always leave a lesson smiling and feeling great. Sarah and Vikki are flexible and supportive, and I'd recommend Sing for Smiles to anybody who needs a bit of music and positive feedback in their life.”


"I was a complete beginner when I started a year and a half ago. I absolutely love going to lessons, Sarah makes them really fun and its a pressure free environment where you can learn at your own pace. I think the name of the school is very apt as I do leave class smiling and relaxed, even when I've had a busy day at work beforehand! I've learnt so much in the time I've been going and would definitely recommend this class to all the beginners out there who've been thinking about starting singing for a while!"


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