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Whether you are a complete beginner, a serial shower singer, you are in a band or choir or you loved singing in the past and want to start again - Sing For Smiles can help!

One To One Lessons

Our one to one singing lessons are customised to each individual pupil so you can achieve your own goals.

You can also have the chance to learn how to read music and we hold regular performance opportunities!


Some of the benefits of singing lessons with us are:

•Learn great vocal technique
•Develop breathing and control
•Add power to your voice
•Remedy pitching problems
•Deal with breaks in your voice
•Improve tone and vocal qualities
•Learn to sing safely and keep your voice healthy
•Performance/Audition/Exam/Repertoire work
•Music theory work

Contact us now for singing lesson enquiries


Young Singers (One to One Lessons)

(16 and under)
We provide singing lessons specifically for singers 16 and under!

Young singers can get all the benefits above as well as an increase in confidence and having fun whilst learning.

Only £22 for a 45 minute session 


Only £27 for a one hour session


Our 45 minute sessions are great for all young singers whilst our one hour sessions can be very useful for our slightly older young singers or students that have been coming for lessons for a long time.

Please get in touch to discuss what the best option is for your young singer!

These sessions can be after school, in the evening and on a Saturday afternoon.

(Subject to availability)

Contact us now for a young singers enquiry

Singing Study & Exams

We can help you work towards and sit your singing exams which are great for adults and young singers.

These can be a great way to learn more, work towards goals and have fun!

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Microphone in Sing For Smiles
Microphone to sing

Terms and Conditions apply

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