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Exams can be a great way to learn more, work towards a goal and have fun!  They can be taken at your own pace and there are lots of various exams to choose from.  


Exams are available from different places - the most popular ones are here for you to look at but of course there are others you can look for too!


LCM (London College of Music) Popular Music Vocals

Great for students who enjoy pop music and the surrounding styles such as rock or soul.

Grades include technical exercises and sight singing/aural tests.

Graded exams from pre grade 1 to Grade 8 and Recital and Leisure Plays exams too.


Click below for a look at the syllabus:



Rock School Vocal Exams (RSL)

Again great for lovers of rock and pop music.

Grades 1-8 including technical exercises and sight singing /aural tests.


Click below for a look at the syllabus:



LCM Musical Theatre Vocals

For any lovers of musical theatre!

Graded exams from pre grade 1 to grade 8.

Includes discussion on chosen musicals/songs and some sight reading/spoken work at different grades.

Performance award also available. 


Click below for a look at the syllabus:



ABRSM Graded Singing Exams

Great for students who enjoy traditional music, choral/classical music and musical theatre. 

Includes unaccompanied songs and aural/sight singing tests. Grades from prep test to grade 8.


Click below for a look at the syllabus:



Please ask if you have any questions or you would like a little guidance in what might be suitable for you.  We also have some of the materials that you can have a look through which might help you too. 

Contact us for more info or ask at your next lesson